Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When I came across the slogan of UN for the international youth day 2007 which is “Be seen, be heard ”. I started to think about the victims of Lal-Masjid and Jamia Hafsa operation. A number of young students lost their lives in that so-called operation and even more got extremism in their hearts. After that incident a continual schedule of suicidal attacks have been started. It has been observed that ages of suicidal attackers ranges from teens to 25 or 30. Why is it so?

In every person’s life there comes a tie when he has a warm blood, a break through will power & determination, a specific passion to go beyond every one’s expectations, a keenness to do something, a fondness to achieve any thing a mind with colourfull ideas. This age is termed as youth.

Here I relate some verses of my poem:

Youth is the age
When boys are in rage
An important life stage
Minds like brightly colored page 

It’s a common experience that if anybody has to destroy someone, one has to attack on the ideas and thinking of the target. Moreover in young age. In youth a person’s direction can easily be destroyed and diverged and if it is required to destroy a nation the same technique can be used as:

“To blackmail a man is a sin
but to blackmail a nation is an art” 

The west and the so-called global rulers are using the same tactics to demolish the Muslim block. By creating some fake and bogus propaganda in the name of religion they’re constantly trying to misguide the youth. This Lal-masjid Jamia hafsa issue is a part of the same series. By turning our faces to religious extremism they’re trying to dismantle our peace of mind. A student needs proper guidance/ direction with a full fledges education. Increasing the time period of the courses has ruined our education system. Instead of providing students shorthand courses that they may have time for research and practical they’ve made syllabus filled with bogus and extra courses.

Students of this region are prevented from being next Dr. A. Q Khan. Our attentions are being diverted towards religious extremism, terrorism and bogus activities. Our progress path has been diverged and our way to destination has been given a new direction, which never takes us to the required destination. Its being tried to waste our abilities. We’ve been deprived of proper guidance of our own teachers. It is entirely a part of Global hatched conspiracy. How can our youth make new resolutions on this very day as they are unaware of their destinations. Moreover when our rulers are digging pits for their own youth how can they flourish then.