Friday, December 10, 2010

Who am I?

I wonder why mostly children want to become Doctors! I myself when was in school had an aim of becoming a doctor like all the girls in my class. We hadn’t even bothered of any other occupation at that time except the medical profession.

Why Doctor? This question strikes me when one of my school going cousins replied the same occupation on my asking about her aim. Doctor has been set an ideal like thing in the minds of kids. Children don’t know why and what they are studying and what is the purpose of their syllabus. It is because the dilemma of career counseling at our institutions.
Kids opt whatever fantasize them without knowing of their ways to achieve. For some it is doctor, pilot or engineer and for some it’s nothing. Some opt to do O-levels but after that they stand nowhere as they have nothing prepared for the future. Students face difficulties in choosing their careers when they are passed out from schools. Bad choice of career can lead to the destruction of a child as well as a pillar that was to lift up the burden of the nation. 
The problem arises at homes. Sometimes parents are not well educated so that they can design a beneficial career for their kid then the problem goes to the institution where there is a stereotyped syllabus which has very less to do with the nourishment of new blood; co-curricular activities are just fulfilling the formalities instead of enhancing the abilities of students.
Our institutions are not providing a syllabus which able the student to make a good choice of his/her career. Moreover the procedures of taking examinations or providing extinctions are very fluctuating which finally de-motivates a child and he/she gets frustrated. If to look at the procedures of taking examinations; from previous couple of years the 9th and 10th have been separated and then combined again and again. The Syllabus obviously was changed and then re-changed. This ultimately resulted in a very low pass percentage. This also resulted in mistrust on education ministry.

At our institutions teachers themselves are unaware of the mind setups of the students in their class. Certainly the education system needs a change so do the career counselors.  Coaches make us win matches. Sometimes it’s all about a teacher or a counselor. The one who motivates and acknowledges the work done. Counseling is an art and one’s good counseling takes many to success. God has created every human being equal, talented and full of abilities; now it’s on the part of the surrounding to flourish somebody’s qualities and make him excel through.


^^hAaMi^^ said...

بھیڑ چال ہے،mob behavior...It is an important discussion to have. dinti

Mehwish-Kayani said...

Yeah true that

Rachit said...

I always wanted to become a pilot but landed up being an engineer, though I like it too. Nice read :)

Mehwish-Kayani said...

Thats a situation what many of us are facing..Thanks rachit for reading and commenting..:)

Muhammad Khawer said...

"Not failure But low aim is a crime."

Than why not to wish for being a Doctor, Engineer and a Pilot. ;)