Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hidden Cameras

One day an acquaintance was going with some strategies; plans towards his routine tasks with his everyday worries and schedules. Suddenly a person appeared from behind a car, well dressed and very sophisticated at first sight. Abruptly he sprinkled colored water on the innocent acquaintance leaving him drenched and in displeasure. Naturally the wet person got angry and wanted the impish person to be punished at his humiliated act. The person who sprinkled colored water in spite of any regression started smiling and directed the wet acquaintance towards a car with “hidden camera” and told him to wave his hand with a “smile” of course, as it was a prank on him.

Well, this happening is not a strange one these days as it is believed to be a comedy and a source of entertainment. No doubt all of us enjoy when somebody plays a funny prank on someone. We laugh when the victim shows different spontaneous expressions on the sudden happening.
But the actual feeling of the victim cannot be felt unless you are in that person’s shoes. So “pain lies in the head who wears the crown”.
Life has become so fast and furious that basic rules of humanity are violated openly. The rule which is in use today is “rules are meant to be broken”. So no one is questionable. And no one can be held accountable for any misdeed as they consider it to be just fun.
These days known and reputed channels have started programs of these types having an amount as prize money or any other prize just for playing the best “chaalbazi” on innocent people.
Now whether it’s looting someone, terrorizing young boys, making fool of patients at the doctor’s clinic, teasing an old man or even sprinkling colored water on some body. It has become legal and lawful.
In today’s hustling and bustling life, we need a proper definition of comedy and also a standard for it. In previous eras we’ve got comedy in different acceptable forms i.e. Actions, dialogs. Like the silent films of “Charlie Chaplin” who made people laugh with his funny acts. Then the films of “Mr. Bean” who also used his actions to make comedy. Along with them comedy flourished in the form of dialogs. It was to make fun of each other or of any other person in front of audience. Through this way people get entertained and admire the comedian’s presence of mind.
Mimicry has always been a good source of entertainment and comedy. It is to stage people of different professions into entirely different scenarios like politicians playing cricket. The comedian then mimics their expressions while the play. People who have an art of mimicking are always encouraged for their creative ness and the choice of diverse vocabulary.
The thing which dreads me most about this prank comedy is that people will soon loose their confidence on each other. And there will be a change in the general behavior of the society. People will not trust anyone except themselves.
When a person goes to a dentist, he is basically going to believe whatever the dentist will suggest him, because the patient has trusted him to be as his well wisher. If at the clinic, the patient is made fool then it might be happen that people start believing that the specific doctor is not really serious about his profession. 
So the dreadful outcome which can result from these programs is the social anxiety or disorder in the society. People can be in a state of psychological pressure and in spite of creating something new they’ll get busy in activities to tease the person who made fool of them or in other words humiliated them.
As in recent days, due to continuum bomb blasts people were afraid of their lives and they were not sure that they’ll come back home safe and sound. Now people will fear that they can be fooled at any place and at any time. And they will remain in a certain type of tension other than their routine tensions.
It can be well observed in this way, like if you are made fool on a way to your first office presentation which has to smooth on your career. How will you feel at that moment? Will it be funny for YOU at least?
 The example of April fool can be well related here. As we’ve all seen that how people got affected due to just a fun being enjoyed by specific group of people.
Like someone called you and revealed the saddest news ever about your beloved and when you found your beloved fine then you realize that you were an April fool being made by others. Then you start fooling others and this cycle continues until some thing really bad happens.
Well, the thing to ponder upon is this behavior is not of a very mature society. It indicates something very childish and immature. The thing is this people get benefit of their decent looks and fool people who are not expecting any kind of immature act from the person. So in this way the person losts his nice and decent identity also.