Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Day

Its 3rd of June once again, my angel brother’s face is once again is in my mind. Time has strange nature, when we go through some difficulties it seems to be stopped and when we’re merrymaking it seems to run fast. Whatever it is whenever we recall the olden times it seems a far away memory. Memories are precious as these are our actual gains, memories we have of others and memories others have of us. The part of human nature that amazes me is the ability to be contented, yet only a few are blessed with it; it’s really a cherish able ability to have. Our creator has blessed us with a mind, to think and to reason yet He has calmed our curious nature with contentment. The levels of this ability may be different among all of us but we feel contented with whatever we have at some point in time.

Its fourth year since my brother's death and I feel we have been calmed over what happened. Yes the mighty humans have many things which are not in our hands or may be we are not deemed much important to take these too, by our creator. Creation and destruction are ultimately the tasks of the power who controls all of us.