Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Rain; for my brother..

It was the smell of wet soil, cool soily wind, low speed raindrops and voice of chirping birds going back to their nests that reminded me same days of rains a year back. The sky seemed full of birds in groups swinging here and there with strong thumps of the blowing wind. Grey and white clouds making the sun to leave a little early than decided.

Nature has its' beauty but for those only who can feel it
 Well life is about all these rains, breeze & nature and delightfully they could be enjoyed only if you are with your loved ones. It’s not always the eyes, which could see the affection; its not always the ears which could hear the loving words; it’s not always the touch; which could feel the warmth in words and its not always the tongue that can realize the expression in language. Because he wasn’t able to do all these things, his blue eyes can just see us and understand what we gesticulated. In these two decades of my life we developed such strings of understanding that we lived and cherished every moment of life. Life has been said to be very short yet it contain millions of moments and in these millions of moments there is a life of its’ own.

When the raindrops fell on his face he had certain joyish sounds and he played with the raindrops. He was the special one in our home yet he treated us all specially. His love had his own levels when he saw his brothers, mother, father or his sister. We understood this gesture of his when he appeared his arms wide opened for his brothers and his smile-only for me, as I always liked to teach him various skills, which I had developed by watching the movies made on these certain issues; so he always appeared queer to my such unusual trainings.

We; his siblings realized his surrounding when we opened our eyes and stepped on Earth for the first time. He was always with us and we were always taught to look after him and he, looked after our things. By time he developed such disciplinary senses that he hated to see things out of order and places them right as soon and as appropriately as he could. Whenever in childhood we played games I always wanted him to be my partner and prayed to Allah Almighty that to make him better as soon as possible. He was said to get better very slowly and gradually and there was no medicine for that. That was our hope to see him all good one day.

Special care could be expected only where one acquires a special place. Our home was our center and he appeared to be the core attraction. We were proud to be around him as he progressed within us. By seeing us doing routine tasks he developed that sense of doing things. We believed that we couldn’t teach him any thing unless we show him the real act and it worked out; it did worked out. He remained within us like us around him when we came back home he use to welcome us by producing special sound effects on the contrary when we use to leave for our quest of knowledge he looks on our clothes and shoes and understands that the team is going to be out on some hunt. He giggled when we brought something to eat and his eyes shimmers when we say that it’s all yours. Gradually he developed a good memory as whenever he saw us hiding any eatable from him he remembered the place; stepped back at that moment and pounced on it amid appropriate surrounding. When he started walking; it was a happy day for all of us because it was yet another achievement for us. But he use to stick to us whenever we were out anywhere. He understood it pretty good that we all had some relation that’s why he kept an eye on our movements whenever we were at some relatives’ place.

Allah had gifted us with that pious soul and we were blessed enough to take him through all our thick and thins. He left us silently as he came into the family. What we believed that such persons need love and affection of their family firstly than all other medical treatments. He trained us to look after each other, care for others and above all he tied us all together.


Mufrah said...

He was angle...
A true and touching reality nicely elaborated....

Mr. Raja Hassam Kayani said...

He was our ""LIFE"" Our Angle.....!!!!!
really love it.....!!!!!

Mehwish-Kayani said...

Thanks Mufrah..He was indeed an angel..! really miss him.May his soul rest in peace!Amen

Ansari said...

I am simply speechless. . . :)

I find myself stunned for a moment watching him enjoying the rain and smiling and thats the purest form of joy and love you can find here in this world!

MashALLAH you were blessed to have such an angle among you :)

Mehwish-Kayani said...

well thats true..Sehrish..
Thanks for your comments.